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Performance Chips


  • Safely Alters Fuel Maps
  • Communicates Directly With ECU
  • Reconfigures Air - Fuel Ratios
  • Optimizes Timing Settings
  • Improves Throttle Response Time
  • HP Increase Over Entire RPM Range
  • HP Boost @ 5500+ RPMs
  • 100% Safe For All Setups, OEM or Aftermarket
  • Adjustable Dial for Precision Tuning

The PCD Performance Chip increases the horsepower of any engine by communicating with the ECU with an altered signal that is sent from your IAT. This sensor plays a part in determining the fuel maps your ECU outlines for your engine. Your OEM sensors send signals to your Computer that translate those readings into adjustments to timing, fuel distribution and sparking efficiency. Our PCD Chip piggybacks that signal, altering what the ECU receives, thus fully optimizing your air / fuel settings to give you additional horsepower when you accelerate. The altered fuel maps are consistent throughout the RPM range, giving you increased torque at low RPMs and higher horsepower numbers in the upper RPM range.

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