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Q: Will the PCD performance chip work with my existing modifications?

A: Yes. Our chips accommodate for any changes or additions that you might have made to your engine by syncing with the necessary sensors to send the appropriate date to your ECU.

Q: My vehicle is Turbo/Supercharged will your performance chip work?

A: Unfortunately, No. Our chips were designed to work with naturally aspirated engines only.

Q: If I buy more than one item, will you combine shipping?

A: Yes, we combine shipping for an unlimited number of items purchased. Regardless of the number of items you purchase, only the single standard rate will apply.

Q: If I purchase my chip today, how long does it take for me to receive my package?

A: All orders are processed, packaged and shipped the same day as purchase. Items purchased over the weekend will be processed the following business day. Shipping takes approximately 5-7 business days.

Q: Do you ship to Canada or Internationally?

A: Yes, we do ship to Canada. Additional charges may apply.

Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO or US P.O. Boxes?

A: Yes we ship to all APO/FPO and P.O. Boxes.

Q: Will the chip work with Diesel engines?

A: No, our chips are designed to work with naturally aspirated, gasoline engines only.

Q: How long does the installation typically take?

A: Installation on most applications takes less than 10 minutes total. Requires basic hand tools and some wire connectors

Q: What does the dial do?

Adjusting the dial in a counter-clockwise motion will increase how aggressive your air/fuel ratio is, thus making more horsepower. Adjusting the dial clockwise optimizes your fuel curves to increase your gas mileage.

Q: Can I track my order online?

A: In addition to providing daily phone support, you can also follow the status of your order online from the time the order has been submitted to the time it reaches your doorstep. You can also check the status page of your order to verify billing, shipping, the number of items ordered and the total cost.

Q: If for some reason I am not satisfied with my Performance Chip, can I return it?

A: Yes. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, returning the chip is simple through our step by step online return form.

Q: Is this a universal module that will fit any vehicle?

A: No. Although the Performance Chip housing is similar in appearance, each Performance Chip is calibrated for your specific engine.

Q: Does it come with instructions?

A: Yes, we provide a step-by-step Installation guide with every order. The clear cut Performance Chip Installation Instructions detail each step along the way and outline exactly what you need to do in order to successfully install your chip.

Q: What all is included?

A: You will receive (1) PCD Chip Module and all of the necessary hardware along with the instruction manual.

Q: Will it void any of my vehicle's warranties?

A: No. PCD's chips will not void any factory warranty and the installation procedure can easily be reversed, reverting back to the OEM setup as quickly as the chip was installed.

Q: Will this work with aftermarket intakes?

A: Yes, all of our PCD Chips are designed to work with both OEM intakes and aftermarket cold air intake setups.

Q: Do I need any special skills or tools?

A: The beauty of this performance modification is that the most novice of mechanic can successfully perform this install as easily and safely as a professional ASE certified mechanic. The only tools required are simple hand tools, outlined in the instructions.

Q: Will this chip damage my engine?

A: No. Our chips will not operate outside, above or in place of the preset limitations of the ECU.

** Note: Will not work with some Turbo, Supercharged, or Diesel Engines! **

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