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You V-Dub owners know what it's like to have fun when you're driving. And chances are you're looking for a cost efficient way to get a little more power out of your car without breaking the bank. That's just how Volkswagen owners are and there is nothing wrong with that. If everyone was honest, they'd like free horsepower too! Volkswagen engine chips aren't free, but for the amount of benefits you get the price pales in the comparison. People that already have a VW chip upgrade installed know what we're talking about. We are talking more power, more acceleration, more miles per each gallon of gas and just better overall performance. And perhaps the best part is that your modification list doesn't even matter when it comes to requires or restrictions for our Volkswagen racing chip install. Our new VW performance chips are a great choice for any Volkswagen performance upgrade maniac. The Volkswagen chips we carry are all ready to be installed upon arrival and require little to no effort at all. You don't have to take out the engine, air intake or any major component of the car. The chips are designed to be an effortless install. If are looking for an effective way to increase power, mpg and overall performance then you should consider our VW chip upgrades. They are a true plug and play design that allows you complete the install within minutes! You'll love the feel behind the wheel when you get your Volkswagen chip installed. Aftermarket Volkswagen stage 2 ECU chip upgrades sound intimidating, but really they are one of the best mods you can make without spending tons or money, cranking up the boost or even doing an all out motor swap. Performance Chips Direct likes to help it's fellow V-Dubbers out there get a little more bang for your buck!

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