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Most people in the aftermarket scene know that your cars are a force to be reckoned with whether it's on the street, track or strip. They are very fast cars 100% stock with the potential to be even faster with our new Subaru performance chips. Some of you hardcore Subaru turbo lovers will love the addition of our new Subaru auto performance chip upgrades because it automatically works with your setup, regardless of how drastic you have gone. The Subaru performance programmed chip now only works with any of your wild turbo setups or other aftermarket parts, it works on totally stock motor too. If you just want to increase gas mileage and have you engine run a little smoother, than this is a great choice for you too. Our Subaru chips are designed to integrate with you existing setup so you don't have to alter anything you've already done. You simply follow the instructions to install your new high performance Subaru chip and let your computer automatically reconfigure the air and fuel mixtures. You'll notice a difference in overall horsepower and even in your miles per gallon right away! So if you're on the fence about your next modification or your first modification, a new Subaru engine superchip is a great choice. Stay clean, get power and save money - what else could you ask for from Subaru aftermarket parts!

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