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Now you can really get your ride moving with new Toyota Scion chips! If you've already added cold air intakes, exhaust or other modifications; another way to squeeze some more power out of your engine is adding a new Scion chip. They plug right into your existing wiring harness and are a cinch to install. If you have some basic tools and a little mechanical know-how this should be installed in no time. Don't waste your money overpaying a repair shop install your Saturn engine chip, do it yourself an save! The new Scion performance chips we carry are designed to accommodate your setup without having to alter anything you've already installed. Whether you have turbo, NOS kits or a complete engine swap - it doesn't matter. These Scion superchips work with any type of setup, no matter the Frankenstein part mess you've put together. So you can hit the street or the strip and you'll notice the benefits immediately as soon as you hit the gas pedal. The Scion performance chip ECU upgrade is a great addition to any custom ride in any stage of the process. It's a great first mod to make to your car but it also will be a nice compliment to other custom engine parts you've added. Don't get blown away anymore, add your new Toyota Scion stage 2 ECU chip today!

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