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New Saturn performance chips are out of this world! Not really, but the improvements you can expect to see from the addition of a new high performance Saturn performance chip are awesome. And if you already have some modifications done to your car, great! This Saturn racing chip is designed to work with any amount of mods and aftermarket parts you have thrown at your car. Those custom parts do help and sometime even allow your Saturn tuning chip to operate at maximum capacity. Anytime you can free up air flow and out of the engine, the better and the more power. Any time you can burn cooler air than your motor normally does the better as well, and that's exactly what our Saturn O2 chips do. They trick your ECU into thinking the air flowing through past is colder than it actually is. These new Saturn engine chips will also save you money at the gas pump. These chips have been known to increase gas mileage tremendously by optimizing your fuel curves; that is giving you more fuel when you need it and conserving fuel when you're cruising along at a steady speed. Another great thing about Saturn ECU superchips is they are so simple to install that any novice can install one in minutes. Instructions are clearly written and the process itself requires almost no tools/ just some simple hand tools. If you don't add a new Saturn chip upgrade today, you're only cheating yourself! Take the plunge today and start unleashing some of that hidden horsepower.

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