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A good way to get instant performance out of your German classic without even getting dirty is by adding a Porsche performance chip. The Porsche performance chips are simply inserted into their proper location, depending on the type of superchip you got. They are all designed to be 100% plug and play applications for a user friendly install. Porsche chips are a good upgrade to your timeless classic, regardless of the modifications you've already made. If you are on the fence about adding a new Porsche chip to your setup, you should really consider the benefits. You'll gain horsepower, you'll gain more MPG and it's probably the easiest install you can do. Sounds like a no-brainer to us! Some of you Porsche owners may have already stepped up to the plate and made some aftermarket purchases in an effort to get a little more horsepower out of your engine. Now, with Porsche ECU chip upgrades, you can expect to see increase in horsepower and well as a noticeable different in acceleration and passing power. It's not secret that Porsche engine parts aren't working up to their max potential when limits on the setup are set forth by the factory. That's where we, Performance Chip Direct comes in to help. Get your new Porsche Performance ECU race chips today and you can expect the chip to prove itself as soon as it's installed! Don't be left in the dust any longer and stop being embarrassed by other cars that shouldn't be outrunning you. You can get some more insurance you won't be outdone any longer with the install of our new Porsche super ECU chip upgrades!

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