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A Pontiac is an American made muscle machine but that's not to say a little high-tech tuning won't do this classic some good in the performance department. With a new Pontiac performance chip installation kit you will be getting everything you need to complete the install within a few minutes. You'll ask yourself why you never made the purchase before. Our Pontiac performance chips are made in a way that you don't have to re-wire anything, remove anything or even get your hands dirty. You'll be piggy-backing a few wires and the enclosed units works with your computer to reconfigure the way the fuel is burned. Pontiac ECU tunable chips work by tricking your OEM computer into thinking that the engine needs more air and that the air is cooler than it actually is so that the timing will increase when it needs to and the amount of fuel will increase when it needs - mainly when you press on the gas! Our Pontiac stage 2 race computer chips are great for everyday driving because they improve your MPG and they are great for highly modified cars because you dig out some of that hidden horsepower by simply reconfiguring the distribution of air and fuel. Sounds complicated, but really the hard work has been done for you and packed into the tiny little unit known as the Pontiac computer superchip. Every time you step behind the wheel, your Pontiac custom chip will be working to get you the power you need, when you need it. Pontiac performance chip direct is ready when you are!

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