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When you are seeking the ultimate in affordable, easy power boosts, look no further than the custom Plymouth performance chips we offer. Don't let the price fool you as these units really do produce results. It's tough to wrap your mind around something so small producing results so big. However, Our Plymouth ECU super chip upgrade is designed to pack a big punch in a small package. It releases power hidden deep within your motor without needing to remove or add anything. You simply install your new Plymouth computer performance chip, adjust the dial to the amount of increased performance you want your computer will act accordingly by configuring your air and fuel ratios for optimum performance throughout the power band of your engine. Tuning your car and buying aftermarket parts isn't cheap. And actually, it can get kind of pricey when you start throwing custom parts at it. Going fast isn't cheap. That is, until now! These Plymouth chips are incredibly affordable and were designed that way so the average driver could benefit from our Plymouth ECU tuning parts. Don't overpay for items that do the exact same thing. And a lot of the Plymouth computer upgrades aren't adjustable like ours are. Probably the nicest thing about our Plymouth superchip units is that they are easy to install. A new Plymouth chip can literally be installed in a couple minutes, meaning you'll get this extra power right away, without waiting for mechanics to get to your project and potentially overcharging you. If you follow the instructions, have a couple of simple tools lying around are somewhat a do-it-yourself type of person than the installation shouldn't be a problem. Plymouth chips are a do-it-yourself upgrade and a plug-and-play application. Boosting power has never been as easy as it is today. Get your hands our on our engine chips today!

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