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PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
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Being one of the premier aftermarket tuner cars in the world, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is a great example of what is capable in terms of power and money. The platform these cars present isn't your typical base for building a high performance piece of machinery. The 4G63 and 4G63T motors have put up some very impressive horsepower numbers on stock internals. If you want to add more power to your existing setup, stock or not, the addition of a Eclipse performance chip could prove beneficial to all Eclipse owners. The Eclipse ECU chip works by altering the signals your sensors are sending to your DSM computer and thus adjust the air and fuel ratio accordingly to get the most out of both your OEM Eclipse parts and your aftermarket DSM parts. Eclipse performance chips are a new wave of technological advances all wrapped into a tiny module that works wonders for tuning applications. Think of your Eclipse performance chip as a instant tuning mechanism for your entire setup. We're not telling you to throw away your Eclipse data loggers, stand alone units or your DSM Link - we're just sayin'.

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