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One of the most popular tuners around is the Mitsubishi Eclipse, that's no surprise. But what may be surprising is that these fine tuners among others in Mitsubishi's line-up, can be upgraded by up to 50 horsepower with just a simple Mitsubishi chip installation. That's right; one easy-to-install Mitsubishi performance chip can drastically boost your machine's power. And it works with all of your existing engine modifications. If you have a cold air intake, a header or complete cat back exhaust - it doesn't matter. The Mitsubishi stage 2 race chips work with your factory part as well as your aftermarket parts to generate the best possible air and fuel ratios so you car is running at peak performance at all times. With all of the associated benefits, you'd think something like this cost hundreds of dollars. However, our state of the art manufacturers produce these Mitsubishi chips in a way that both high quality and fully compatible with any model, but they make the Mitsubishi ECU chip affordable so every one of you tuner's can have access to the performance gains; not just professional racers. And that's why we offer Eclipse performance chips for a more than reasonable price. Check out our Mitsubishi performance chip discount SuperStore and upgrade with a new Mitsubishi car chip today. Stop getting blown away, stop wasting gas and start getting the most out or existing engine. This great Mitsubishi ECU eprom chip will make it more than worth your while!

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