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A new Mini Cooper performance chip can get your mini machine roaring like never before. Our custom Mini Cooper performance chips are incredibly easy to install and will instantly work with your existing engine computer system to calculate the adjustments needed to create more horsepower in your machine. A Mini Chip can be installed in a few minutes, literally, so you will be ready to test the performance limits of your ride like never before a couple minutes after you receive your MINI Cooper engine chip in the mail. So order one of our custom Mini Copper chips in the mail and get ready to take to the streets with more power at your disposal then ever before. There is something fun about a custom MINI Cooper is powered up with aftermarket MINI Cooper racing chips and performance parts. It's a little machine capable of producing some major power whoppers. One of the easiest, most efficient ways to add fuel efficient power to this great ride is by installing a Mini Cooper ECU chip. We understand tuners want premium, technologically advanced performance parts for an affordable price, which is why we carry a huge stock of excellent Mini Cooper ECU power chips to choose from. Your acceleration will be enhanced with a new MINI Cooper power chip as well, meaning those drag strip times will go down as will your jaunts around the track. But if you are just looking for a way to gain a competitive edge on the street when you encounter a competitor, adding one of the great MINI Cooler power chips we stock to your machine is a fantastic way to do it.

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