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Mercury performance chips are a high tech way to get your car moving faster. Installing a Mercury chip is as easy as any upgrade available on the aftermarket. The fact that a simple, plug and play Mercury performance chip can get you up to 50 extra horsepower makes it an amazingly effective engine modification. A Mercury chip will work with your existing system to calculate the fuel ratio needed to create additional power. So upgrade today with a new Mercury engine chip and get ready to make more power than ever before. Blasting out of your garage is just a couple minutes away thanks to our custom Mercury super chips. These great chips connect seamlessly to the engine computer that is already working to power your vehicle. While cruising on the street or getting lined up at the strip, having the touch of extra boost that comes with a custom Mercury Super Chip will give you the confidence to push your custom machine to the max. A fully custom Mercury ECU chip will have you blasting past your competitors whether on the streets, the track or the showroom. Having a Mercury superchip installed will not only get more power to your machine, it also will get you respect because your fellow tuners will know your machine is tuned with high-tech performance parts. Mercury racing chips are one of the easiest, fastest and highest quality performance upgrades available on the aftermarket.

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