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A Mercedes is a finely engineered machine but that doesn't mean a little aftermarket performance pop wouldn't make the car more powerful and fun to drive. When the time is right to unleash some powerful performance, why not get a little more bang with a custom Mercedes performance chip. A Mercedes chip will get you moving in a hurry and the best part is how easy one is to install. Mercedes performance chips are a plug and play applications. When you order one of our Mercedes chips you are getting more horsepower and virtually no work. What could be better than that? Not much. At least for the detected tuners we cater to. The aftermarket is full of custom car enthusiasts who have failed to pay attention to detail. Sure, they may have a five-foot spoiler, but that's unimportant when what's under the hood isn't fully optimized. With a custom Mercedes super chip under your hood, your system will recalculate the fuel ratio in a way that boosts your power to totally new heights. Custom Mercedes superchips are fabulous upgrades that are as easy to install as they are powerful. When you head in to the garage, you probably don't think you can boost your horsepower by up to 50 horsepower with just a quick, few-minute long Mercedes super chip installation. But making this great engine modification is extremely easy. So become a leader in your automotive tuning community and install a new Mercedes computer chip today.

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