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When you want the best from your car in the arenas of power, fuel economy and longevity, you will want to install a Lotus performance chip. To ensure that your ride is going to be accelerating faster than the stock car, be sure to put one of these Lotus chips under the hood. You will find that a Lotus ECU chips adds a great deal of fun to your car. Our selection and prices on new Lotus performance chips is going to be unbeatable. We carry all of the best Lotus chip packages to enhance the already great nature of your car. Getting the most out of your power plant will be easy with a Lotus engine chip installed. Plus, the installation process is extremely easy. To install a Lotus racing chip in your engine, all you need is about 20 minutes of free time and a few simple hand tools. Because the installation process is so easy, these Lotus engine chips can be put in and you will feel the difference immediately. Your ECU won't need to be reset after the installation process. Soon enough you will be driving a car that is more powerful thanks to Lotus chip tuning. All of these Lotus power chips will also contribute to you having that great feeling for longer because they come with a 10 year warranty. Our Lotus racing chips have been designed and engineered with your car in mind and are going to be the perfect upgrade for your ride.

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