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Isuzu I-280 Performance Chips - Amazing Isuzu I-280 Chips

PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
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An I280 performance chip is a technologically advanced modification that you just can't go wrong with. There are many reasons for this fact, one of them being that I280 chips can boost horsepower by a whopping 30 HP. A new I280 chip won't take much time to install, that's for sure, but it will keep your car revving strong for a long period of time. We have the top styles in I280 performance chips and offer I280 ECU chips that have custom performance gauges that allow tuners to raise and lower their performance level at will. So when you want full power from your new I280 power chip turn it up all the way so more fuel is revving your machine or tone it down when saving gas on a lazy cruise. Either way, I280 chips are great upgrades.

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