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When you want the power to take out the competition, then you will want to install a new Hummer performance chip. All of our Hummer chips are the easiest to install you will ever come across. Not only will you be improving your truck's power, but you will see a very welcome spike in fuel economy with any of these Hummer power chips. Our Hummer performance chips come ready to be installed in your truck. The installation will take just a couple of minutes and your truck will be better off for it. The knob that comes with the Hummer chip will allow you to tune your engine on the go for power or fuel economy. These Hummer ECU chips will be one of the best improvements you make. A Hummer ECU chip will make this already dominant machine even more powerful on the road or off. A new Hummer Super chips will truly be worthy of your off road beast because it will give you access to even more power. Obviously, fuel efficiency isn't the most important factor that goes into the decision to purchase a Hummer but that doesn't mean a proud owner wouldn't want to have a little bit better fuel economy and a Hummer power ECU chip will attain this worthwhile goal for as little as $89. Better power is the most important aspect of a new Hummer computer chip however, and there isn't a better why to get it than installing a Hummer chip.

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