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You can easily make your car stand apart from the rest by simply adding a new Eagle performance chip. With so many performance products floating around these days, it's hard to come by one that improves your power and keeps you away from the gas pumps for longer. Thankfully, these Eagle chips are just such an upgrade. The latest trend in performance tuning is chipping your ride, and with our great selection of Eagle performance chips, you can get upgrade today. Installing a new Eagle chip will be one of the easiest upgrades you ever make to your car. You are going to love driving even more with an Eagle power chip installed in your car. When we say that Eagle chip tuning is a simple upgrade, we mean it. All you need to install a new Eagle computer chip in your car is a pair of pliers and about 15 minutes. In that amount of time, you will be upgrading your car's low-end torque and throttle response with these Eagle ECU chips. All of our Eagle racing chips are guaranteed to not void your car's warranty and they will make your car easier to get up to speed. These Eagle car performance chips will come into their own when you take your car to the drag strip or just want to squirt into that space on the highway before it closes. is your source for the latest and greatest when it comes to Eagle chip tuning.

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