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BMW 3 Series 4Dr Performance Chips - Amazing BMW 3 Series 4Dr Chips

PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
PCD Performance Chip Stage 1
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Driving your car will be even more fun than usual after you install one of our patented 3 series 4dr chips. Every 3 series 4dr performance chip we sell is guaranteed to work with your engine to provide the sort of power and torque that the factory should have put in. with any new 3 series 4dr ECU chip, you will be improving your car in many ways. Another benefit to installing a new 3 series 4dr chip is that you will see a nice increase in your mpgs. That's right; these 3 series 4dr performance chips will enable your car to sip gas instead of guzzle it. You can install your new 3 series 4dr computer chip in as little as 15 minutes, using just a simple pair of pliers.

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