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PCD Performance Chip Stage 1

The PCD Performance module simply wires into the factory harness of the IAT sensor.

The module will work with the sensor to provide a new signal to your vehicles ECU. The ECU then adjusts your air/fuel and timing advance curves to new performance settings. Our PCD Performance module eliminates costly parts and installation of ECU components, and still safely and legally provides the same end results.

There is no risk of damage to the engine or electrical system since the modified sensor signal will always remain within the manufacturer's recommended specifications.

  • Adjustable knob for max power or more MPG
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • No special tools or skills needed to install
  • No need to reset the ECU
  • Plug-and-play
  • Chip is completely safe for your engine


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Chips

The PCD Performance Chip utilizes the latest in aftermarket electronic technology and allows you to tweak your performance to the exact specifications you want. The PCD Performance chips we carry are rivaled by the Jet V-chips, however our units offer more flexibility and proven precision tunability that you can't find with any other brand.

The adjustable PCD Chip module has been designed to work in any weather condition, any combination of engine modifications and any size engine. You can have a factory turbo, aftermarket turbo, OEM supercharger or even a NOS kit installed. It doesn't matter; the detailed instructions we provide tell you exactly how to install the PCD engine chip step by step.

You can adjust the settings via the integrated dial. Set the gain indicator to approximately half way for lesser torque and horsepower gains, yet a noticeable increase in your gas mileage. Turn the dial to the "Max" position to yield the biggest horsepower increases. When used in conjuction with other high performance parts, certain setups have produced up to a 60 horsepower gain!*


Just about every modern gas powered vehicle has a computer that controls and regulates the engine's operation. It controls the firing order, the amount of gas distributed and air utilized. This unit is usually referred to as the ECU or Electronic Control Unit.

This little control box strategically stashed away neatly beneath insulation and away from heat is always responsible for the efficiency of your motor. It takes different readings from several different sensors throughout your engine's components and calculates the right combinations of air, fuel and spark. However, due to emissions and other government regulated power restrictions, some of the settings issued by manufacturers are very modest if not dismal when weighed against the potential of your engine. It's difficult to work around the preset configuration without replacing the entire unit or having a flash drive professionally soldered into place; that is, until now..

Our Performance PCD Chip module does just that; it reconfigures the settings of your ECU so your engine will make more power throughout the RPM powerband. The chip is also designed to operate at maximum efficiency meaning that it will accommodate for incoming air when your throttle body is completely open, providing an increased amount of fuel but won't waste fuel by optimizing consumption when the engine is under a light load. The chip works by telling your ECU to advance the timing and provide more fuel, but only when necessary. That's what makes the PCD Performance chip so great and sets us apart from other chips on the market. Our PCD performance meets your needs regardless of your driving style.

Finding a beneficial chip that won't alter factory settings, void warranties or require disassembling your ECU is almost impossible. However, our PCD chips do provide real benefits, are simple to install and work directly with your car's computer to determine the right amount of adjustment you need at any given time. Sounds too good to be true, but the results are evident.

How it works:

To get these kind of benefits and installing a PCD Performance chip might sound daunting at first, but with clear cut instructions and a straight forward installation process; even the most novice of mechanics can install the unit in less than 15 minutes. There is no soldering involved. You'll locate your vehicle's IAT sensor and your new Chip will be installed via the factory harness.

You do not have to purchase any other items in order to install the PCD Chip. Once installed, the new signal will be sent to your computer and will take effect immediately. Your timing is automatically adjust without setting it manually with a timing light, your fuel injector duty increases automatically when it needs to and air / fuel ratios are tweaked as you shift through each gear. Manual transmission or Automatic transmission; it doesn't matter.

Bottom line is our PCD Performance chips give you results. They 100% legal, one of the easiest modifications you can make to your car and won't hurt any other component on your vehicle, stock or not. Get your PCD Chip get worry-free results!

*All horsepower gains are measured via dyno-tuning statistics and at the vehicle's wheel, not exaggerated flywheel-horsepower numbers like some companies. Many times, aftermarket companies will make claims that aren't entirely true because a significant amount of power is lost from the transfer of horsepower made at the flywheel to horsepower that reaches your wheels.

Most Asked Q/A:

Q: Is this a universal module that will fit any vehicle?

A: No. Each module is programmed to fit the vehicle in the title only. Although modules are similar in style, each application is different based on your vehicle's engine specifications.

Q: Does it come with instructions?

A: Clear cut Performance Chip Installation Instructions are provided for the easiest install possible.

Q: What all is included?

A: You will receive (1) PCD Chip Module and all of the necessary hardware.

Q: Will it void any of my vehicle's warranties?

A: No. If you are in question, The chip can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Q: Will this work with aftermarket intakes?

A: Yes, works with both OEM and aftermarket intakes.

Q: Do I need any special skills or tools?

A: No special skills or tools are required; a pair of pliers.

Q: Will this module fit my engine?

A: The PCD Chip works with anything that has an ECU.

Q: Will this chip damage my engine?

A: No. The altered signals never exceed manufacturer's limitations.

** Note: Will not work with some Turbo, Supercharged, or Diesel Engines! **

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